Siri Erda Arjan Kaur


  • M.S. Education and Technology, Pepperdine University
    Malibu, CA
  • B.A. Education and Business, Stockton University
    Galloway, NJ
  • A.A. Business Administration, Monmouth University
    West Long Branch, NJ

Teaching Credentials

  • Junior College
  • Secondary Education

Lin Marelic was gifted with the spiritual name Siri Erda Arjan Kaur. Music has always been a priority and modivating factor from early childhood. She has experienced profound influences including a near death drowning experience at 15, an face-to-face blessing by Swami Satchidananda Saraswati at a meditation in Manhattan at age 19, and continued divine direction from Source following a fatal diagnosis of stage 3 esophageal cancer August 2005. She has been receiving downloads since 2005 and is directed to heal herself and others through the power of sound healing.

Swami Satchidananda has called music "the celestrial sound that controls the whole universe"

Lin was honored to have recorded her Chiron gong and Tibetan bowls for the finale of the feature film 'Misfortune' which won Best Film at the 2016 Arizona Film Festival and the Yellow Rose award at the 2016 Jaipur International Film Festival in India. The Yellow Rose award denotes the Best Film for an upcoming film with a world premier.

Erda Arjan has always had a deep musical connection but in 2005 had a personal experience with the profound, healing effects of sound vibration. Research proves that sound heals at the cellular level. She has been directed to help raise the vibration of each person and the planet through vibrational healing for over 10 years. Erda Arjan shares high vibrational sounds at events, ceremonies, festivals and in her sound healing private practice.

Lin Marelic's given spiritual name 'Erda Arjan Kaur' means Earth Mother devoted to God. She is an accomplished gong, Tibetan, and crystal singing bowl player, studying and following the teachings of Gong Masters, Don Conreaux and Sotantar Suraj, Yogi Bhajan, and Tibetan Bowl Instructor Diane Mandel. A student of West African drumming, she has studied with Drum Master and Griot, Dramane Kone, Professional West African player, David Hilal, and Cuban musician extraordinaire, Stan Corpus. Lin is a founding member of the West African drum ensemble group, Djembe Fusion.

Grateful member of Gong Avatar Academy


Spiritual Name Meaning

The meaning of Erda
Erda is an Earth Goddess. To the ancient Greeks, she was Rhea or Gaea. Perceiving the earth as our primordial teacher, they described her as a great vibrant being, a living breathing body, a heart, a spirit, a soul, a Goddess. The Northern European named her Erda, Earth, Ertha, Utha, Herth and Edda and the Romans named her Terra Firma.

'Erda' is the name of an ancient European earth goddess, from which the english word ‘earth’ was derived and the German word 'Erde', meaning earth. The name is used in the spirit of Gaia, respecting planet earth as a single living organism of which we are an integral part.

The Norse earth Goddess was believed to live in a cave within the earth's deepest recesses, which was set next to the roots of Yggdrasil, the vast World Tree. The earth was thought to revolve on its axis around Yggdrasil, whose massive limbs sustained and connected all of life. Yggdrasil was watered by Erda's plentiful fountain of wisdom. This pure source of water enabled the tree's tallest branches to reach the heavens and its widest branches to give shade to all.

Erda's powers were as encompassing as Yggdrasil's leafy span-indeed, the Goddess and her magical fountain were often invoked by those in need of her far-reaching wisdom. Others believed she could bend the inexorable powers of fate, over which she ruled.A myth tells how Odin, the Norse God gave up one of his eyes for the right to drink from her fountain; his quest for knowledge, he felt, was more important than his eye.

Erda is believed to be older than the three Norns, who are a trio of sister Goddesses who are associated with the past, present, and future. The Norns were believed to help mothers as they gave birth and ruled over a person's unchangeable destiny.

Divining Fate:

Because Erda was associated with fate, the Norse believed there was a clear connection between the Goddess and the art of divination, which was a valued part of the pre-Christian Scandinavian society. Though it is quite difficult to imagine in today's society, but at one time, every home was open to seeresses-femal practioners of the art of divination, who were believed to receive help from the spirit world. The predictions given by these seeresses often were told in the form of mysterious poems gotten with the use of runes, or other oracles whose messages she was skilled in understanding.

The seeress made her runes from bone or wood strips cut from a nut-bearing tree (such as the pecan), upon which potent symbols were carved or painted. In a way, by creating runes from a tree, the seeress was drawing from that same fountain of wisdom that Erda used to nurture Yggdrasil and therefore, invoking the Goddess herself.

The Norse also turned to the earth itself for guidance. They used many aspects of it as oracles==animals, birds, the sky, even the ocean==believing that the observation of these things could bring divine answers to the questions they asked. Horses in particular were considered to be the confidants of the Gods and Goddesses, able to reveal heaven's will to sensitive humans who could understand them. A horse's calm movements could promise a peaceful solution to the question asked; other movements mirrored other outcomes.

Using natural forms as oracles reminds us that the earth can give us the answers we need to our most urgent and primal questions. By using these forms of divinations, the Norse were able to receive wisdom directly from Erda, Mother Earth.

The meaning of Arjan

You have been blessed to live as Siri Arjan Kaur, the Princess/Lioness who experiences her greatness by fully realizing that she belongs to God.

Siri means great. Arjan is one who belongs to God. All females receive the name Kaur - the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman can attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

Use the beautiful capacity of your name, Siri Arjan Kaur, to realize your soul’s gift – that the magnitude of your spiritual greatness is equal to your awareness of your oneness with the Divine. Remember to whom you belong - with each breath. The radiance that flows from this great consciousness serves to easily elevate those around you.

The power of your spiritual name is that the more you speak and hear it, the more it permeates your being, opening you to experience its nadh (universal inner sound current). Consciously merge with the vibration of the nadh to come into harmony with your highest destiny.

May you excel in the Age of Aquarius and light up the Universe as we move from finite consciousness to a consciousness of Infinity.

In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY, and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Many blessings,
Nirinjan Kaur, Director of Spiritual Names