Many GongAvatar events and sessions include Planetary Gongs Chiron and Mars, Dark Star and Wind gongs


Planetary Chiron Gong

Planetary Gongs feature a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other planets as calculated by Hans Cousto.

How did Planetary Gongs get created?
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The Gong is one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. The Gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and as a facilitator to break up emotional blockages.

"It is a musical instrument, a healing tool for the nervous system and a cauldron in which you can create alchemical blends of qualities that open and develop the Inner Self." ~ Gurucharan

Gongs are considered to be a good luck charm, and touching a gong is believed to bring a person happiness, good health, and strength. In India it is believed that the sound of a gong created the worlds, and was the primal sound of OM. The gong is a powerful and transformational instrument of sound, which has been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation since the Bronze Age. Its sound is relaxing and calming, centering and energizing, transforming and healing. The gong resonates all the cells of the body simultaneously and is useful in resolving emotional and physical dissonance.

in 1928, Dane Rudhyar, the father of Karmic Astrology, once said, "Gongs and Bells, in a sense represent an aspect of the highest and most spiritual music, that of single tones being one and many, which throb and live, which are at times the perfect dynamic bodies of celestial entities, the chakras of the Deity. Single living tones of which there are two kinds; those uttered by the human being, audibly or inaudibly, the AUM of each being; and those produced by gongs and bells cast according to hieratic forms."

"You have no resistance against this sound. It is the master sound, the adi naad. Everything you think becomes zero —the gong prevails."  ~ Yogi Bhajan

Don Conreaux and the Birth of Planetary Gongs

Master Don ConreauxDon Conreaux is formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. Master Don was one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Don also studied the gong writings of Dane Rudhyar. He established the Nanak Dwara Ashram Teacher Training 1970-1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. His very first teacher as a Teenager in 1952 was Paramahansa Yogananda, receiving his Kriya Initiation
in 1953.

Conreaux had originally wanted to be an actor, singer and yogin, yet finally found his life mission through the gong. He was deeply influenced by his encounter with astrologer-philosopher-composer Dane Rudhyar in the early seventies. Thanks to him, Conreaux was able to assimilate the principles of syntonic music according to which musical compositions are used as springboards of power. For example, in his publication of the forties entitled "Art as a Release of Power", Rudhyar wrote about the gong, gong music and the fact that his theories on syntonic music were actually based on the gong. The tonality of this instrument unites different elements into a resonating whole.

Rudhyar was one of the twentieth century's great humanistic astrologers and was interested in the galactic dimensions of spiritual astronomy. He also tried to bring about a synthesis between astrology and music. Conreaux has also continued the work of Rudhyar in this sense on account of his development of a great archetypal chart which he calls the Chiometer. This chart represents a giant synthesis between different esoteric systems.

The Chiometer brings together planetary frequencies, the "biological clock" and meridians of Chinese medicine, astrological energies, chakras, tarot cards, the tree of life of the Kabbalah as well as colours and tonalities, amongst others. It represents a great field of correspondences which can help us considerably in organizing our vision of reality. It also opens up fresh new horizons for astrology itself. With the aid of the Chiometer one can examine one's own astrological chart from a fresh viewpoint.

In his Chiometer, Don Conreaux has made use of researcher-musician Hans Cousto's calculations of the frequencies of planetary orbits which he then proceeded to raise by twenty octaves. These mathematically arrived at frequencies informed the construction of tuning keys after which the gong manufacturer Paiste produced custom-made gongs on the basis of the tuning keys. Conreaux calls these planetary gongs and they represent the musical correlates of the heavenly bodies of our solar system.

Master Don's first gong experience: "As the sounds of the gong gradually intensified, I was no longer a physical body; there was only the sound, the universal vibration. I was another planet vibrating in space, emanating tones. My body disappeared, and I entered an altered state where my mind became very clear, and I felt in communication with universal knowledge. Messages and answers came to me. My mind stopped thinking, yet the knowledge was still there. There was no need to think or analyze; just be and know. I noticed resistance patterns decreasing their hold."

"The sound of the gong is the channel of Pure Truth, and whenever Truth is experienced, healing occurs. When the gong is played, the sound vibrations immediately quiets the mind, allowing healing to occur. The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres; the heavenly bodies of the universe. Each planet, moon and star is a gong emanating the divine sound of AUM in its variety of vibrational patterns.: ~Don Conreaux

Master Don teaches that the gong activates and balances the brain. it sound harmonizes and establishes a unity between our dual forms of perception. The left brain is beta and the right is alpha; with the sound of the gong, consciousness begins to shift into theta which allows a sharing or merging of both halves of the brain, and attunes us to universal knowledge.

Don uses the term "transvolution" to describe the gong experience. Transvolution is the quantum leap in consciousness that allows us to leave behind our limited parameters and transit from peak to more sublime experiences. It is a level that when fully mastered, allows transference form one place to another, just by thinking it so. These are laws beyond the physical, and are mysteriously hidden within the vibrations of sound.

The science of sound can be used to heal, illuminate, and to manifest. Gongs are also thought to have been used to levitate large stones and boulders. It is believed that the large granite stones of the pyramids were levitated and transported great distances by the use of sound tones. The gong creates unity of diversity in that the sound makes everything disappear, except cosmic awareness.

According to oriental tradition, the sound of the gong recreates the loving essence of the universe's creation. Those who experience the resonance of the gong find a sense of oneness that is unforgettably empowering, that inspires a greater bonding of family and community, individually and universally. Don's purpose is to create a personal growth experience resulting in a greater enhancement of the quality of each participant's life, as well as an ongoing connection between each of the participants.

Master Don considers the gong to be the premier instrument for this time on our planet to help bring inner and collective peace. He believes that if enough gongs are rung at various times of the day, the healing tones will bring us back in tune with the laws of nature, and respect for the sacredness of plants, animals and each other.



Planetary Mars Gong

D2# - 75.64 Hz
3rd octave D3# - 151.27 Hz
4th octave A4 - 427.86 Hz
432 Hz - love activator
D = sacral chakra
A = 3rd eye chakra (brow)








Chiron is the primary Gong for initiation and personal transformation.

Chiron's sound waves enable you to vibrate and tune into your inner self-healer, inviting a state of harmony and bliss.The deep complex harmonics of the gong quickly silences the mind and entrain the brain into a spontaneous state of deep meditation.The rhythmic sound oscillations facilitate the movement of prana through the body and deliver a deep energetic reboot of the nervous system. These sacred sounds are transmitted into the tissues and are often experienced as a full body sound massage that allows us to let go of stress, worries, anxieties, doubt, fears and feelings that have a negative effect on our health and life.

Chiron says that there is nothing to fix, correct, cure or get rid of. Chiron says that the Wound contains a Gift and that the Healing journey is the process of discovering that Gift. The Wound is Healed when the Gift is embraced.

A Chiron Gong activation offers the opportunity to walk willingly into our Darkness, shining a light, recovering the lost pieces of our lives. Through this healing process we become whole once more, reconnect with our higher celestial nature and take our rightful place as co-Creators of this magnificent universe.

The body enters a state of healing and receptivity through the sacred practices of guided meditation, breath-work, or deep listening. Deeply relax to the sounds of Chiron Planetary gong and other vibrational instruments for a healing vibrational experience!

The Chiron gong resonates at the approximate musical note of D#. Chiron represents the wounded healer—a bridge between the material and spiritual.

Zodiacal Rulership: Virgo
Chiron Qualities: Initiating, revealing, promotes Earth stewardship
Chiron Therapeutics: Heals deep wounds and traumas; clears past life imprints; bridges between worlds; fosters interspecies communication and animal healing
Chiron in Ceremony: Used to work with trauma survivors, and for healing deep wounds to people, animals, plants and minerals

The following quote by the Astrologer, Martin Lass, beautifully embodies the healing potential of Chiron

“Chiron’s higher message is that everything is about perception. Seeing one side of things (duality) is Wounding.  Seeing all sides of things (unity) is Healing.  As we Heal, so the world around us changes, not because we have set out to change it, fix it, or get rid of the things we do not like, but because we see things differently.  In short, as we Heal, we increasingly see things from the eyes of Love.  Such is the ultimate Gift in the Wound.  Surely, this is a journey worth pursuing.”

In many ways, the Chiron gong provides a pathway for us to become healers. It embodies our need for healing and shows us the modalities and methods that will bring about the healthiest change. Only through understanding our own wounds may we reach into another living being to participate in their transformation. The sound bath of Chiron provides us with a context for nurturing ourselves, creating a willingness to explore deep, karmic wounds that may span generations or even lifetimes. Only through acceptance can we build wisdom, and the sound bath of Chiron works to moor us deeply in an acceptance of self. In a therapeutic setting, it provides a bond between the healer and the patient, and may be used to establish trust where deep scarring and physical trauma have been long established in the body and psyche. Chiron vibrates at a level that allows for healing of old, difficult wounds, as well as recent reconfigurations of the body through significant trauma or surgical wounds.



Planetary Mars Gong

D2/ 144,72 Hz
A4/ 440 Hz → 433,67 Hz

Chakra: 3rd Eye


Essence: I Will

Character: Passion

The Mars tones will help you to build and accomplish your earthly, spiritual and physical goals. It will help you to marshal and direct your energy. It is the Gong of decisive self mastery and courage. Low self esteem and anxiety disappear under its masculine vibrations. A truly exciting and energizing Gong.

Listening to the Mars gong will enhance strength and desire.  Mars will motivate action, bringing out decisions making abilities, gives courage, strengthens sexual nature, and drive to self mastery. Mars refers to directed energy, the need to build and accomplish.

Virtues: assertiveness, vitality, energy, determination, passion
Balances: impulsiveness, ruthlessness, destructiveness
Intended Healing Effect: Stimulates strength of will and focused energy 
Mars Qualities: Stimulating, igniting, passionate, driving
Mars Therapeutics: Builds blood, vitality, and immune function; Addresses infertility issues; Promotes self-esteem
Mars in Ceremony: Builds blood, vitality, and immune function; addresses infertility issues; promotes self-esteem
Mars in Concert: Used with Venus to address head and heart issues

The spirit of Mars is one of decisive action and aggressive determination. When the Mars gong is sounded, the body is brought into a state of attention and readiness for either fight or flight, where mental and physical obstacles can be readily overcome and the next step may be taken toward growth and development. Therapeutically, the Mars gong is enlivening, helping to dislodge obstructions in circulation and musculature so that the body can literally move forward without impediment. The energy of Mars is masculine and procreative.  It helps us to realize our potential for powerful motion and gives us the strength to accomplish goals that require visionary courage and athletic stamina. A Mars gong sound bath relieves sluggishness and a lack of motivation and creates a vibration of excited anticipation and hope for the future.

Mars produces warm, deep tones with great dynamics and endless subtleties of tone.  Gracefully striking different places on the gong creates different healing tones and effects. 

Balancing the sacred masculine with the divine feminine using the tuned Planet Gongs of Mars and Venus is an alchemical process which, if undertaken correctly, is one of the highest states of being obtainable in our lives.



Dark Star gong
Dark Star Gong

The Dark Star Gong is mysterious, yet reveals mysteries. It can restore your hardware, it can make your Toyota brake dance, it is the First Airbender.

Similar to the Chau Gong, as it is thick metal with a rim, it rises above the traditional Chau Gong because of its lathing and finishing.

Able to hold deeper notes longer, without the fear of premature splashing sounds, the 22" Dark Star is a gong for those of you who have ears that like to hear things that are more than the normal. For minds and bodies hungry for a flavor and soul healing that is new.

The 22" Dark Star gong goes to the heart of the gray matter, and while traveling the creases of your brain, it unfolds a new way of thinking about things. Prejudices you still hold deat, songs you still sing blue, hopelessness you still carry in your I Give Up Bjorn, it will make them ease on down, ease on down the road.

To paraphrase the Grateful Dead's Dark Star...
Shall we gong, you and I while we can
Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?

To paraphrase CSN's Dark Star...
Dark star, let the memory of the gonging
Be the first thing that you think of
When you open up your gong bag and see me, dark star.

To paraphrase Beck's Dark Star...
Dark star
Eyes are gonging
From a gong lit terrain.


Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

"The Gong is the spirit song.
It is the primal whisper of the soul.
It's sounds is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds.
Listen with outer and inner ears.
Feel its pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses.
You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened.
The ancients sought this experience on the tops of mountains and at the sacred places.
The voice of God would thunder in, spectacular strokes of lightning.
The clap of thunder - Bang! Shatter! Roll! Echo! - stopped all thought, stripped away pretense,
shook loose the deepest fears, and rejuvenated the nervous system.
It created strength, peace and healing.
The Gong is that sound. It is the flash of inner light.
The mallet is the will of the infinite, the gong, the creation, and the sound is the spirit song,
the heartbeat of the soul."