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Arjan Lin is a gifted sound healer who seems to know exactly what I need in a session. I find her sound healing to be gentle, soothing and wildly transformative. During a session, I not only get totally relaxed, I often get messages about where I’m going in life, what opportunities to follow up on, or creative ideas. I’ve heard plenty of other sound healers. Arjan Lin is the best!

~ E Herrera

Lin is a very gifted sound healer. Not only can she spin magical sounds from her gong, her gemstone crystal bowls are out of this world. If you have ever attend a sound bath, you know that it can be a nice healing experience. Lin adds another dimension to her sound events by weaving in other magical sounds that transport you to very deep healing state. Please do yourself a favor and attend one of her sound baths and be prepared for a transformational and peaceful evening.

Tonight it was so wonderful to be Gong into blissfulness. I went to the Sound Bath evening and I cannot say enough on how sweet the evening was. Lin is such a master gong mistress. A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the pleasure and privilege to get a private session with Lin and it was wonderful. We floated on air the entire evening afterwards and slept like babies. Thank you, Lin, for sharing your healing passion with the world.

~ L Stiles

As a regular attender of the sound healing that Arjon Lin provides, I can attest to the changes, movement and motivation I have experienced. With monthly sound healing for over 6 months now, I find myself getting up and doing things I have been thinking of doing for a very long time. I am in constant motion and am now addicted to creating lists and checking off the items like a fiend. I find situations that, in the past upset and haunted me, fall away like nothing. I live in a happy state where I consciously look for intentions and a try my best to see and feel from a constant state of love. I attribute these changes directly to the gongs... I love all the sounds and all the different instruments, but it is truly the gongs who steal the show. It is always helpful to check in with the chakras and give ourselves over to the theta waves, but the gongs, Chiron and Mars, really deliver specific and individual messages.

Chiron sings of compassion, gratitude, self-healing, self acceptance, release of expectations, oneness, forgiveness...ultimately acceptance. With Mars it's action, completion, ideas jumping out of my head, courage, fearlessness, stepping forward into the unknown....constant forward movement Distilled to a simple message from each during a recent session, these came on me like a mantra... Chiron: Bring it all with Love! Mars: Just Bring it! I highly recommend a Sound Journey to all who are willing to take a deep look inside and are willing to Ride the Wave!

~ T Sciortino

Arjan Lin takes you on a Transformational Journey through the Sounds and Vibrations of her Magical touch to the Gong as well as the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls. Deep Relaxation, Time Travel, Out of Body Experience; you never know what may appear on your Sound Journey. I look forward to the experience each time that I am Blessed to be a part of it. Thank-you Arjan Lin for creating this wonderful space for Inner Healing and Transformation. Many Blessings!

~ A Stern

Awesome Lin!! How exciting for you and what a compliment to your gift as a Sound Healer. Thank you for your medicine on Sunday night. I felt so relaxed afterwards and slept like a baby!!

You are so gifted Lin and I appreciate your medicine beyond your realization. I had such an accumulation of stress within my field that I was "managing", but unable to release fully and your sound healing was the perfect remedy at the perfect time. Still feeling relaxed, lighter and clear!! Namaste!!  

~ H Valdies 

Lin is an amazing healer; she connects your meditative self with your conscious self in a harmony unlike any other. The work you do is a gift to the world. Thank YOU.

~ J Sutton

It was amazing, and the sounds took us so deep. I've been to other people's events, by far this is the best one, Lin is amazing. 

~ E Croney

Thank you Lin! Your concert was amazing and invoked some interesting imagery, deep stirring sensations and colorful visions. Afterward, I slept peacefully the night and had some fabulous dreams!

~ E Cofield

After attending many different crystal and Tibetan bowl events,I have always found that it was calming and powerful. But attending Lin's Sound Healing 'concert' was like a healing sound bath created by a chorus of angels. Lin's personal story of triumph over her health challenge seems to have led her to this profound gift. It was as if she had to go through this dark night of the soul journey in order to discover her magical resonance that not only healed herself but is a pathway to  healing others. 

The higher vibrational energies are being channeled through her and each time she performs, she is spontaneously guided into perfect Alignment. The experience is ineffable, one must immerse themselves in her symphonic sound waves to truly understand the depth and powerful effects.

~ M Rothstein 

Lin, you continue to provide an Amazon healing space for others to truly let go of the old, welcome the new and breathe in healing at a cellular level.

Thank you for such an amazing and transfomative start to a new year and new life. This New Year was full of depth, insight, story-telling, gong vibrational healing, chakra cleansing, delicious cookies, tribal drumming, challenging old beliefs which no longer serve me, meditation, singing, chanting, heart-felt hugs, and soul awakening. I'm not just in a new year: I've begun my new life.

~ S Arbelle

I enjoyed your performance at Unity and meeting you.  It was exceptional.  I have been to quite a few at different places.  One of the reasons I liked yours so much was your gong, the angel voice it made while you played it, and the fact that it was a good clear loud voice at times during the performance without causing a headache.  You use a wonderful balance of crystal bowls and Tibetan metal bowls, as well as an intriguing rattle and small chimes.  You pull it all together with a wonderful healing energy.

~ M Jensen

Thank you so much for last night. It pulled alot of things out that needed to be allowed to drift into the ethers. Phenominal

~ K Marquez

Thank you for the wonderful experience you have introduced me to. After my first evening, I loved the peacefulness I felt the whole weekend. Although it is a distance for me to come, I look forward to seeing you again in 2018. 

~ S Stevens

Was this your 1st sound healing experience? 
- Friday 1st of December was my fourth session with you
Are you likely to attend another? 
- Yes, as many as possible
Your favorite parts of the evening
- Listening to all of the beautiful sounds, especially Chiron and Mars
Length of program? Too long, too short, just right?
- Length of program, to me, is just right
How did you feel before / during / after the evening? 
- Excited before / in the moment during / at peace after / each session

~ Margaret M

I really enjoyed the program. It was the first sound healing I have been to and would certainly like to attend another given by you. I wasn't prepared in that I didn't bring a blanket and so was cold plus my mat was not thick enough so I couldn't get comfortable. I brought someone with me who had a large glass of wine prior and wrapped herself in her blanket and proceeded to snore during the whole ceremony and it really bothered me. I then was annoyed with myself for letting it affect me. So right after the ceremony, I felt that nothing had occurred in my being.although I did feel your warmth and spirit. . Then when I got home I had a feeling of freedom from inside - hard to explain but I did feel different. I am working on letting things go and being in the moment. Looking forward to doing this again.

~J Moinar

I would like to give my testimonial about my experience with Lin in regards to the “sound baths” that Lin privately facilitated for me.

I originally called Lin to make an appointment because I wanted to learn more about these gemstone healing bowls and the Chiron Gong. The few times that I have experienced these amazing bowls I knew that this was something that I would like to add into my life and have the knowledge how to play the bowls and heal myself. My first session was two hours long and when we were through I knew that the only way I would get to know the bowls and that was to first be healed by them.

On our first session, Lin started out with a tuning fork then preceded to play the Tibetan Bowls starting with the root chakra through to the crown chakra. I could feel some tension around my forehead to the top of my head. When we moved on to the gemstone bowls and Chiron I could feel not just the energy in my body but my energy frequency all the way into the cellular level in my cells. When the session was through Lin asked me how I was feeling and asked about any sensations especially around the third eye. I replied by saying yes, it was uncomfortable but also comfortable. Lin said that I would be feeling that for the next few days and she was right.

My second session with Lin was slightly different. I was able to feel the frequencies even closer or may I say, “deeper.” At the end of the session we closed with music/mantra that I felt just enhanced the whole 2 hour session.

By my 3rd two hour session Lin let me know in advance of the hectic week she is having during the week of Thanksgiving. Lin said we would only be able to do 1 hour. I completely understood and respected her busy schedule. Just before we would start each session Lin would sit down with me and talk about any shifts and changes. I told her that I had an incredible week and shared how much my digestive track was releasing so much energy which has been stuck in my body. Also the release of old emotions and how much lighter I feel after being able to forgive so mucheasier.

Now before we began, Lin started us in this beautiful mantra and we sang to get the vibration and the frequencies “alert.” I found with this session we were able to go to a much deeper level. I do not know how to describe this experience, just knowing it intuitively. Lin was so intuitive with what was going on with me that she knew exactly when to go to the bowls and to Chiron and how to play them which would fit my energies and frequencies. As a crystal bowl and gong healer, Lin knew that she could not stop in that hour, that the healing taking place with these three sessions to get to this point was very important so Lin completely was immense into our session and knew that the only important thing going on was my healing. Lin is not about the money, Lin is about the importance of the healing and understands the responsibility of a healers place, while providing a safe environment.

~ S Hart (after 3 private sessions)

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Arjan Lin and GongMaster and Teacher Sotantar Suraj after completion of Sound Player Gong Training